CCO (Catholic Christian Outreach)

CCO is a student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the catholic faith and place a strong emphasis on building up leaders for the renewal of the world. We aim to build a welcoming vibrant catholic community on campus and provide opportunities for growth and service. Please feel free to contact us at  or visit at to get involved

Maria Arsenault (                              778-875-5708

Joseph San Jose (                              778-847-8212

CFC (Couples for Christ – Youth)

Eryn Boongaling (                     778-668-8002

Josh Fernandez (                 604-512-6379

Neocatechumenal Way

is a charism within the Catholic Church dedicated to Christian formation.  It provides post-baptismal formation to adults who are already members of the Church or to those far from the Church who have been attracted by the testimony of Christian life of love and unity in the communities 

Blessed Sacrament Parish: 604-874-3636

Vincent Tourvieille: 604-303-0130

Focolare Movement

It aims at spreading the message of unity worldwide. Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father,“May they all be one” (Jn 17:21). Its goal is to promote brotherhood and to achieve a more united world in which people respect and value diversity.

Lioba Na (                   604-768-2871 / 778-898-2871